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Song Of Times

Click here to Download Entire CD for $7.99
  DEMO     DEMO  
1. RED SEASON play buy 6. LOVE THE ONLY PLACE play buy
2. BABYLON play buy 7. MASTER MACHINE play buy
3. SONG OF TIMES play buy 8. ALL FOR THE THUNDER play buy
4. ISLANDS play buy 9. CHILDREN BELIEVE play buy
5. FACES OF CHANGE play buy 9. BABLYON (edit) play buy
Released March 13, 2007  
Previously released CDs/Albums.
All downloads $.99


  DEMO     DEMO  
1. LADY OF THE LAKE play buy 5. SUNFIELD play buy
3. FORCES play buy 7. NOVA play buy
4. STARGATE play buy      
Original Release 1976  

Fountains of Light

  DEMO     DEMO  
1. FOUNTAINS play buy 4. TRUE TO THE LIGHT play buy
2. DAWNING OF THE DAY play buy 5. PORTRAITS play buy
3. SILVER WINDS play buy 6. DIAMOND SONG play buy
Original Release Jan 1, 1977  


  DEMO     DEMO  
1. SHINE ON BRIGHTLY play buy 5. EVENING WIND play buy
2. SHADOWS OF SONG play buy 6. CHANGE IN TIME play buy
3. CAN'T THINK TWICE play buy 7. COULD THIS BE LOVE play buy
4. WINGS OF WHITE play buy 8. WHY HAVE THEY GONE play buy
Original Release Feb 1978  
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