Faces Of Change


This is Gary’s introduction to “Faces of Change” and his thoughts on the meaning of the lyrics from the show at The Cabaret in San Jose. “This is a song about what you always avoid in your life. No matter how hard you fight it, it always shows up anyway. It’s called Faces of Change.”The structure for Faces of Change was based around an open tuning. While Bruce was discussing some favorite Led Zeppelin songs with a friend who was also guitar player, his friend explained the DADGAD tuning which Jimmy Page used extensively, and how it worked by creating a kind of droning quality to the music. That night at rehearsal while Bruce was waiting for everyone else, he re-tuned his guitar from standard tuning, EADGBE, to the DADGAD tuning and began experimenting, eventually coaxing out an interesting rhythmic and melodic line. Scott McKenzie arrived soon after and immediately sat down behind his drums and started playing a terrific groove to what Bruce was playing. Gary joined in and a rough arrangement was worked out a while George Harp was listening, developing a melody and writing lyrics, with the whole song coming together in just a few hours. Over time there were several different arrangements of the song, some that were significantly different, which could and did sometimes cause a moment of panic during a performance. The Alchemy version was recorded at the band’s rehearsal warehouse only a few nights after it had been written. Learn more about the making of the album, Alchemy.

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