This song reflected Gary’s interest in and study of Egyptian religion and hieroglyphics which were crucial to the development of the lyrics. The lyrics for Babylon used a lot of symbolism based on Gary’s studies of esoteric religions and concepts. The music came about almost accidentally. One evening at rehearsal Gary was adjusting the tone controls on his amp setup. In order to hear the effect of the adjustment he was making, he was picking an open string in a very specific rhythmic pattern with one hand while adjusting the amp controls with the other hand and listening. Thinking that Gary was actually presenting a new idea Bruce began playing chord changes over this pattern. This prompted Scott to begin playing as well and the basic idea for music of Babylon was born. As the idea developed and expanded George began work on the melody. Over the next few days George and Gary collaborated on the lyrics and harmonies. The way this song was written wasn’t unusual for the band. Most of the songs developed during this time could be inspired by almost anything, from someone’s idea or a riff that we would play with, rearrange and expand on. These songs could be inspired by words, vocal melodies or a few chord changes or even a drum pattern. Rarely was a complete song presented but when that did happen it was always tweaked in some way until we all felt it was right. Learn more about the making of the album, Alchemy.

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